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I like to write and I like to party, but mostly just the writing. Disclaimer: A lot of these stories are true ones. The memory of growing-up in and around Killybegs. When you hold a mirror up to small communities, sometimes there are those who don't like the reflection. Capote knew this only too well. If you find the refraction just a little too much and would like the angle of incidence changed in your favor, please email me at georgevial@hotmail.com and I will be happy to make a name change here or there.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

George's Dirty Shorts: A Collection of Short Stories

George's Dirty Shorts is a collection of short stories I have compiled over the past seven or eight years. Some of them are short family potraits, some are funny snippets and others are long and personal.

I'll post some every few weeks, I'd love to hear your comments, I've a tough skin, I can take the criticism, in fact I probably need it!

I hope to publish these in a book format within the next year, so I can start flogging it to publishers and local book stores.


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