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I like to write and I like to party, but mostly just the writing. Disclaimer: A lot of these stories are true ones. The memory of growing-up in and around Killybegs. When you hold a mirror up to small communities, sometimes there are those who don't like the reflection. Capote knew this only too well. If you find the refraction just a little too much and would like the angle of incidence changed in your favor, please email me at georgevial@hotmail.com and I will be happy to make a name change here or there.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Constant of Why We Don’t Go

Going home

Too many memories,

Washing through the mind,

A pin prick of pain

In the temporal lobe,


Happiness to look forward to,

Smiles, hellos, hugs.

Old demons, new ghosts,

Pin prick becomes a small hammer,



Anger, Love and Hate,

The holy trinity

Of emotion,

The nod of a head,

The narrowing of eyes,

A kiss like a fist to the mouth,



Still going there,

There is no peace, and no quiet,

No denying it’s time to go,

Unfurl yourself and go,

Go, go, go…

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Brenda.kearney said...

Great writing Love the poetry